What if it happened tonight?

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Today at work I was asked if I wrote the salad sign. I saw it and remembered that when I wrote it I didn’t take into account how much room I was going to need and almost didn’t fit the word on the sign and I said “Yeah I did. I almost didn’t get the D in” and I laughed so much and kept saying to myself things like “Had to squeeeeeze in the D” and “That D was hard to fit in”. Its been 3 hours since I finished work and I’m still laughing. Maybe I need sleep.

Rhonda is like the Australian Disney princess

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The biggest plot twist ever…



My dad and I were watching TV and some guy from the ancestry.com.au advertisement was cracking really bad jokes, so my dad said “I wouldn’t go on that website just in case I found out I was related to him!”
Please believe me when I say that this was actually the funniest thing I have ever heard anyone say.


If you still did not  done this ohh so you couldn’t be Turkish ahha

I wish people would figure out a new way to cook eggs